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Thinking Through The Most Complex Business Recovery Needs

Interstate is about lending a hand when you need it most. We’ve helped numerous clients with disaster planning and recovery throughout the nation. This includes working with every major insurance carrier in the industry ensuring efficient insurance claims are processed to directly helping business owners quickly recover from a disaster.

Here’s a taste of our work. We’re firm believers in protecting our clients’ interests and privacy. That’s why many of our projects do not mention a client’s name. Give us a call and we would be happy to provide other examples of work.

The Secret to Handling a Flood of Insurance Claims
Following Hurricane Gustav, a large insurance carrier needed help putting together accurate damage estimates for more than 100 individual government properties for a major city in Louisiana. The insurance company was overburdened by the workload, but still needed to complete the numerous projects in a short amount of time.

• Interstate quickly assembled a team of consultants to assess roofing and exterior and interior structural damage.
• More than 100 inspections were done within a week.
• All estimates, amounting to $3 million worth of damage, were turned around within 30 days.

How to Get a Better Quality Product for Less after a Disaster
A fire caused significant damage to a gun range facility in Houston. A top 50 insurance company representing the loss needed sound and independent research to understand the exact costs of the claim and stay in lock step with the gun range facility’s hired public adjuster.

• Interstate’s consulting team arrived on site to assess
the damage and review quotes by the Public Adjuster’s specialized contractor.
• Interstate recommended a more qualified subcontractor
who could provide a higher quality equipment system for less money.
• The building repairs and specialized equipment were
installed on time and within budget, saving the insurance company $500,000.

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